Soul Blueprint Art print and personalised guide book, a representation of a Human Design Chart

Discover your unique Soul Blueprint

We transform your birth chart into a personalised artwork that reveals your soul's most powerful messages.

Create your Soul Blueprint
Human Design Birth Chart transformed into a beautiful artwork by Soul Blueprint Art

What is a Soul Blueprint?

Our Soul Blueprint is an artistic interpretation of the Human Design chart, focusing on the Gates of your Incarnation Cross and your Aura Type.

It also includes a personalized Guidebook, that reveals your gifts, your purpose, and practical tips for bringing more ease into your life.

Create your Soul Blueprint
  • 1. Enter Your Birth Data

    Add your date, time and place of birth (if you don't know the exact time just put 12:00 noon).

  • 2. Select Your Design

    Choose between our Fine Art paper prints, our museum-quality stretched canvas (framed or unframed).

  • 3. Receive Your Soul Blueprint

    After placing your order, we'll create your custom Soul Blueprint Artwork and the personalised Guidebook.