Soul Blueprint Art print and personalised guide book, a representation of a Human Design Chart

Discover your unique Soul Blueprint

We transform your birth chart into a personalised artwork that reveals your soul's most powerful messages.

Create your Soul Blueprint
Human Design Birth Chart transformed into a beautiful artwork by Soul Blueprint Art

What is a Soul Blueprint?

Our Soul Blueprint artwork combines Human Design with generative art to reimagine your birth chart as a unique visual design.

It also includes a personalized guidebook, that reveals your gifts, your purpose, and practical tips for bringing more ease into your life.

Create your Soul Blueprint
  • Purpose

    ✅ Discover your innate talents

    ✅ Align with your soul's purpose

    ✅ Unlock your genius

    ✅ Support your deconditioning process

  • Spiritual Growth

    ✅ Strengthen your intuition

    ✅ Learn to flow with Life

    ✅ Heighten your self-awareness

    ✅ Attune to your unique design through the artwork

  • Relationships

    ✅ Make wiser decisions

    ✅ Optimise your work life for ease

    ✅ Create harmonious connections

    ✅ Understand your energy type and how it relates to others

  • 1. Enter Your Birth Data

    The magic is contained in the moment you entered this World. Add your date, time and place of birth (no worries if you don't know the exact time).

  • 2. Select Your Design

    Choose between our Fine Art paper prints, our museum-quality stretched canvas, either framed or unframed. Or, get the digital version and print it on whatever you like.

  • 3. Receive Your Personalized Art

    After placing your order, our team will create your custom Soul Blueprint Artwork and personalised guidebook. Get ready to discover your Soul Blueprint!