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Human Design Soul Blueprint

Human Design Soul Blueprint

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Your Human Design birth chart reimagined as Art

The Soul Blueprint translates your birth data into a stunning personalised artwork, along with a guidebook that decodes the messages hidden in your chart.

What is included:

🔮 Breakdown of the 4 Gates of your Incarnation Cross
💫 Your Aura Type
✨ Practical tips on living your design
📖 17 Page Guidebook
💎 Gallery-quality art print
📦 Free shipping Worldwide
🥰 Each piece is as unique as your chart

We offer a 60-day Joy Guarantee and contribute to healing our Earth with each purchase.

Note: You won't get a live preview of your Blueprint on this page – we create it after you order.

What if I don't know my birth time? Try to estimate whether it was before or after noon. If you don't know that, selecting 12:00 PM will be accurate in most cases.

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  • 1. Enter Your Birth Data

    Add your date, time and place of birth (if you don't know the exact time just put 12:00 noon).

  • 2. Select Your Design

    Choose between our Fine Art paper prints, our museum-quality stretched canvas (framed or unframed).

  • 3. Receive Your Soul Blueprint

    After placing your order, we'll create your custom Soul Blueprint Artwork and the personalised Guidebook.

  • Purpose

    ✅ Discover your innate talents

    ✅ Align with your soul's purpose

    ✅ Unlock your genius

  • Spiritual Growth

    ✅ Strengthen your intuition

    ✅ Learn to flow with Life

    ✅ Attune to your unique design through the artwork

  • Relationships

    ✅ Make wiser decisions

    ✅ Create harmonious connections

    ✅ Understand your energy type and how it relates to others

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